Stansell, Mark

Hello My Name Is...

Mark Stansell

Mr. Stansell

Mr. Stansell has been teaching in the School District of Palm Beach County since 1991. Having taught all grades, Kindergarten through grade 12, at some of the best schools in PBC, Mr. Stansell loves being a member of the Cobra Family. "Working with this staff is a pleasure. Everyone is a team player!"

Mr. Stansell began teaching at U.B. Kinsey/Palmview Elementary School under the leadership of Mr. Norm Walker.  A recipient of the Sallie Mae Teacher of the Year in 1991, Mr. Stansell loved the challenges and rewards UBK offered. 

Three years later, Mark moved onto Poinciana Elementary School to help open the district's first STEM school. From 1994 to 2004 he taught grades 1 through 5, including serving as the schools' Media Specialist for 5+ years.

New opportunities called when Don Estridge High Tech Middle became a thing and Mark opened another school with leanings toward technology and science. While serving at at Don Estridge, Mr. S built a highly sought after TV/Film and Digital Media Academy.

Mark moved into the world of entrepreneurship by starting DigiCamp in 2006 and Young Makers Lab in 2014, and in 2015 he left the school district to continue to build his businesses.

 Returning in 2018 to Park Vista, to try to rebuild the TV/Flim program here, Mr. Stansell believes that teaching, whether in schools or in his businesses, is his ultimate calling. "I love watching children succeed, but even more than that, I love watching children find their way - become who they are meant to become. It's really quite rewarding."